Good stories have a plot with at least one kind of conflict. Possible conflicts include:
  • character vs. character;
  • character vs. nature;
  • character vs. society;
  • character vs. machine;
  • character vs. self
What kind of conflict do you observe in this short clip?

These sites have great lists of idioms. Check them out!
Pick an idiom and illustrate it:
Friendly Letter
Click "More on Personal Letters" to get a description of each part of a friendly letter.
This has a nice 1 page visual with descriptions. Be sure to click the "Sample Friendly Letter" link at the bottome to see an example.
This site lists quite a few examples of different types of leads, some of them being useful for essay writing.
Here are some examples from well-known Writing teacher, Barry Lane. I learned a lot from him.
Make a Book
Click the picture above to link to a website to make this book.

Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech
Here's a nice reproducible summarizing all of the parts of speech.
Overview of the basic parts of speech

Adjectives vs. Adverbs

This site is a great introduction to poetry. Currently free, this video may require a subscription later on. If that's the case, it's worth the investment as a family.
Check this site out to learn how to write a limerick.
What's a cinquain?
Write an instant cinquain. :)
Check this site out to learn how to write a haiku.
Try your hand at identifying alliteration, rhyme, and rhythm in this game:
Click the picture above and then choose "Wizards and Pigs Poetry Pickle."

National Punctuation Day - September 24
Check out information about each type of punctuation.

Always remember to use proper punctuation. IT SAVES LIVES!
Punctuation Saves Lives.jpg
Story Elements
This site reviews, via slide show, important elements that you should include in your writing
This site shows you the elements of a story through an interactive story.
Classroom teacher, Mrs. Engram, shares excellent comprehensive information about each story element.

Story Mapping
You can make and print a Character Map, conflict Map, Resolution map, or Setting Map. The only drawback is that you can't save them, so be sure they are proofread and edited before you print it up.
Tall Tales
Paul Bunyan

As you watch the video, look for the "exaggerations" that are characteristic of a tall tale.
John Henry - Parts 1 and 2
Part 1
Part 2
As you watch the videos, look for the "exaggerations" that are characteristic of a tall tale.
Johnny Appleseed

As you watch this video, look for the "exaggerations" that are characteristic of a tall tale.
Pecos Bill

As you watch this video, look for the "exaggerations" that are characteristic of a tall tale.
Great advice (10 tips) for writing a good short story.
Mark Crilley's Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Writing

Mark Crilley's Top 10 Advice for Writing.jpg
Click the image to see Mark Crilley's website.

Writing Traits
This site explains the six writing traits.
Click the picture to see mentor texts for each trait.