Reading Logs 2011

We're off on our Reading Adventure (Toto, too)!

Get 50 AR Points by June!

You are required to read 20 minutes a day / 100 minutes a week. Please record your reading details and reading minutes here. See Mrs. Pardington for special circumstances.Remember to take an AR quiz for each book!Your December AR Goal is 17 AR pointsYour June AR Goal is 50 AR points.

Be sure that you have 2 entries by 10/3/2011.
Be sure that you have 4 total entries by 11/1/2011.
Be sure that you have 6 total entries by 12/1/2011.
Be sure that you have 8 total entries by 1/3/2012.
Be sure that you have 10 entries by 2/1/2012.
Be sure that you have 12 entries by 3/1 /2012.
Be sure that you have 14 entries by 4/2/2012.

Make sure that all 14 entries have been updated and edited by 5/1/2012. make sure that no data is missing and that you have corrected all spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Mrs. Pardington's Reading Log
Abbey's Reading Log
Bella's Reading Log
Daniel's Reading Log
Nick C.'s Reading Log
Ian's Reading Log
Meryl's Reading Log
Andrew's Reading Log
Brett's Reading Log
Stephen's Reading Log
Alex's Reading Log
Chase's Reading Log
Luke's Reading Log
Taylor's Reading Log
Nick R.'s Reading Log
Katie's Reading Log
Anna's Reading Log
Brooklyn's Reading Log
Nico's Reading Log
Holden's Reading Log
Rebecca's Reading Log
Donovan's Reading Log
Jenna's Reading Log
Megan's Reading Log

Keep reading! :)
Keep reading! :)

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