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P = Pardington (Whole Leaves Bucket)
T = Thomas (Shredded Leaves Bucket)

Height of Compost
% of Leaf Fragments Larger Than 2 inches
Moisture Content
Macro-Organisms Present
P: 24 cm
T: 21 cm
P: 99%
T: 80%
P: Musty basement
T: Wet, mowed grass
P: Moist
T: Just damp
P: Mold; white little worms
T: Mold
Pardington 10.29.12.JPG
Pardington (Whole Leaves Bucket)
Thomas 10.29.2012.JPG
Thomas (Shredded Leaves Bucket)
P: 21 cm
T: 18 cm
P: 80%
T: 75%
P: musty
T: moldy
P: just damp (the top was dry)
T: just damp
P: mold, white worms, red organism, large worm
T: mold
Compost Pard 12-3-12.JPG
Paradington (Whole Leaves Bucket)
Compost Thomas 12-3-12.JPG
Thomas (Shredded Leaves Bucket)
P: 16 cm
T: 15 cm
P: 50%
T: 30%
P: Earthy
T: Musty
P: Just damp
T: Just damp
P: earthworm; spider
T: earthworm; gnat
Compost Pardington 1.4.13.JPG
Paradington (Whole Leaves Bucket)
Compost Thomas 1.4.13.JPG
Thomas (Shredded Leaves Bucket)

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