Use this template to list your group's questions and answers to the biography that you have chosen to read. Be sure to only use first names when identifying your work. Use GREEN to identify THICK Questions and RED to identify THIN Questions.

THICK Question: Finding the answer to this question will require a search in more than one place.
THIN Question: Finding the answer to this question will be quick because the answer is "right there" in one spot.
When your work has been revised and edited, save it to your H Drive with your first names in the title and then upload it to the table below in the column labeled "Group Project" and in the row corresponding with your biography. Our class table "Anne Frank Biography Questions" is included.
I will use this rubric to grade your work.

Subject of the Biography
Group Project
Louisa May Alcott
Anna and McKenzie
Katie, Jackie, and Lizzie:
Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, Jr.

Cal and Christian
George Washington Carver

Ella Fitzgerald
Evelyn, Alison and Ashley
Paricko and James
Anne Frank

Benjamin Franklin
Claire and Colton

Nicholas and Tyler:
Laith Jack and Ben:
Charlie, Noah, and Robbie

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Courtney and Grace Anne:
Leonardo da vinci
Noah Glogster


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Make sure that you cite your sources!